Sales Manager
Advertising company

Major duties:
 Search for new clients of different level
 Develop and maintain long term relationships with the clients through addressing their requirements
 Support Business Development & Marketing teams in their client communications
 Promote services of the company on regular basis
 Provides information and actively participates in relevant events
 Forecast sales targets and ensure they are met by the team
 Prospect for potential new clients, markets and business spheres
 Conduct periodic market research, participate in international events
 Identify potential clients, and the decision makers within the client organizations, establish and develop
strategic relations with them
 Research and build continuous relationships with new clients and partner companies
 Identify and develop data base with potential clients
 Set up meetings, conduct presentations and negotiations on potential partnerships and projects
 Manage marketing and promotion activity (brochures, presentations, web-site, exhibitions)
 Work with marketing staff to ensure that prerequisites (like prequalification or getting on a vendor list)
are fulfilled within a timely manner
 Research and develop a thorough understanding of the company's people and capabilities
 Understand the company's goal and purpose so that will continual to enhance the company's
 Attend industry functions, such as association events and conferences, and provide feedback and
information on market and creative trends
 Identify opportunities for campaigns, services, and distribution channels that will lead to an increase in
 Using knowledge of the market and competitors, identify and develop the company's unique selling
propositions and differentiators


Functional requirements:
 Due to the international element of the role, you must have language skills Azerbaijani, English and
Russian to a high standard.
 At least, 5-7 year of relevant experience.
 Master degree in sales, marketing and engineering is an asset
 Experience in working in international environmental is an asset
 Ability to work under stress and meet deadlines
 Proficiency in MS Office, especially MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint
 Project management skills and experience is desirable
Work conditions:
 Location & travelling: Mainly in Baku (80%). Occasionally, related with projects, you may have to travel
abroad or other countrywide cities (20%)
 Working hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm, 5 working days a week. Extra hours may sometimes
be needed, especially if you are up against a tight deadline or if there are problems to resolve
 Staff member
 Paid annual leave, two times a year x 15 days = 30 days
 Free corporate mobile phone provided only for business calls (with the limit of 100 AZN per month)
 Per diems will be provided for the business trips
 Corporate taxi services will be provided both for business meetings and into office transportation
 Free lunch is provided at the office
Salary & Benefits:
Salary is composed of fixed and variable components. You can see information on fixed portion below.
 Starting from 1500 and depends on the candidate
 Bonuses for the private and public sector contracts which are initiated, developed and gained by the
BDM will be calculated
 Over scope benefits could be foreseen for the additional assignments which are not part to the present
job description, only in case if they do not create inconveniences and delays for the implementation of
the present job description. Over scope benefits/fees are variable, which are determined on a project
base per involvement degree/role.



[email protected]

Advertising company


1300 - 1800 azn